Megan in Wonderland


Everyday consist of:
Cigarettes, Bong rips, Boyfriend, Silky Skin, Chilling, Laughing, FUCKING METAL, Self Expression, Halloween/gore, my cat & dog, oh and definitly movie watching.

Musically: I like 1349, agalloch, amon amarth, arcturus, autumn,aborted, bathory, dying fetus, black sabbath, bloodbath, burzum, cannibal corpse, carcass, carpathian forest, celtic frost, children of bodom, cryptopsy, death, death metal, decapitated, deeds of flesh, dissection, distillers, emperor, ensiferum, enslaved, exhumed, exodus, finntroll, goatwhore, gorerotted, gorgoroth, gorguts, hypocrisy, immolation, immortal, iron maiden, kreator, l7, long hair, mayhem, misfits, moonsorrow, moonspell, morbid angel,nevermore, nile, obituary,origin, opeth, pink floyd, porcupine tree, possessed, skinless, slayer, sonic youth, suffocation, type o negative, zyklon